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Infrastructure Solutions for Staking

Bloq’s infrastructure services deliver everything proof-of-stake protocols need to support token holders, end-users, and overall ecosystem health.

Supporting a staking protocol requires industry-leading experience in cryptocurrency infrastructure and, in particular, a deep understanding of proof-of-stake protocols. From the network-significant token-holders with massive stakes to the end-users that your protocol ultimately supports, Bloq’s staking services are there for your infrastructure needs, end-to-end.

How can Bloq’s staking services support your protocol?

Staking Nodes On-Demand

Increase decentralization on your network and allow your token holders to more easily participate in the staking process.

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Block Producer, Validator, or Relay

Ensure that your network is as secure and high-performing as possible.

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Staking Interface for End-Users

Use Bloq’s simple white-label staking interface to increase staking participation with end-users.

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“When it came down to selecting a partner for developing Orchid’s staking services, we were impressed by Bloq’s understanding of the problem, its roll-up-the-sleeves attitude, and the team’s ability to anticipate our requirements. Bloq is a key partner in fulfilling Orchid’s mission to deliver a more secure Internet”

Steven Waterhouse

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